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Data : 02/12/2022

Provincia: Milano

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Node.js Developer

We’re looking for passionate Node.js engineers to join our Node Team in Milan.
Required Skill
Passion. You have a proven passion for writing software. Preferably in Typescript.

A real interest in solid architectures and clean code. Preferably organizing your code with Express or AdonisJs frameworks.

Bored of repetitive tasks. You have knowledge of CI/CD automation and a basic knowledge of containerization.

Strong bases. You’ve got a solid knowledge of relational databases, noSQL databases, design patterns and Object-Oriented programming. You develop, maintain and execute automated tests.

Overall vision. You are not only skilled in backend development, but you have the ability to look at projects as a whole, working closely with the Design team thanks to your UX sensibility, and with the Frontend team thanks to your understanding of integration processes.

Precision and organization. You are tidy and organized and this reflects on how you structure your code. You can be entrusted with big tasks as well as small ones.

Strong goal orientation. We don’t expect you to be too obsessive in your perfectionism, you understand that speed is often as important as quality.

Proficient in English. You read and write proficiently and speak at a conversational level.

Required Technical Skills
Development skills on JavaScript (ES6+) and TypeScript 4+.
Knowledge of Node.js and frameworks available for it such as Express.js and AdonisJs.
Good understanding of server-side templating languages, such as Edge and Jade.
Basic understanding of front-end technologies, such as HTML5, and CSS3.
Used to work with Version Control Systems (Git) and Workflows (ie: GitFlow).
Experience in design and consuming REST API. Knowledge of GraphQL is appreciated.
Knowledge of Web Security.
Experience with Docker and cloud native development.
Experience with Bash scripting.

Additional Skills
Development skills on other stacks, eg. Java, PHP or Frontend stacks.
 Knowledge of GraphQL query language.
Knowledge of Kubernetes or other orchestration systems.
Experience working with Agile principles, in particular using Scrum framework and/or Kanban methodology.
Contributed to any cool OpenSource project.

What you will do
You will join a team working with best of breed technologies to develop solutions for 1st class brands worldwide, mainly in Fashion & Luxury, Retail and Pharma industries.
 You will be entrusted with a project and you will take care of it from the beginning to the end, with full commitment and responsibility on your scope, supporting and leading your colleagues when needed.
You will be in direct contact with other Team members and with the Customer.
You will have the possibility to contribute directly to the growth of the team, proposing solutions, technologies to be adopted and improving our guidelines and stack.

What we offer
Full-time permanent contract.
Premises in Milan and San Francisco.
Opportunity to join international tech conferences and events.
Young environment and informal workplace.
Internal tech meeting to share knowledge among the teams.
Ticket Restaurant.
International team.
We are committed to gender equality in professional career and growth.

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